Last change to plant spring bulbs

Seize this final opportunity to prepare your garden for a colourful spring by planting spring bulbs now. Planting spring bulbs is an investment in the beautiful flower spectacle that will transform your garden. Here are some helpful tips for making the most of your spring bulbs and making your garden shine.

Tips for planting spring bulbs

  1. Choose the right location: Select a location in your garden that meets the specific needs of spring bulbs. Ensure adequate sunlight, good drainage, and space for growth.

  2. Planting depth: Consider the recommended depth when planting. Generally, larger bulbs should be planted deeper than smaller ones, ensuring healthy flower development.

  3. Create combinations: Experiment with different types of spring bulbs and combine them for a varied colour palette. Think about combinations of tulips, daffodils, and crocuses.

  4. Blooming sequence: Pay attention to the flowering periods of different bulbs. By selecting bulbs with diverse blooming times, you can enjoy a longer-lasting blooming garden.

Planting spring bulbs in winter

Which bulbs to plant now?

This is your last chance to plant some popular spring bulbs, such as:

  • Elegant tulips with their diverse colours and forms.
  • Cheerful daffodils that bring a springtime atmosphere.
  • Graceful crocuses that appear early in the season.
  • Fragrant hyacinths that add an enchanting aroma to your garden.

Crocuses - Spring bulbs

These bulbs need a cold period to prepare for their flowering season. By planting them in the autumn, you give them enough time to acclimatize and get ready for a spectacular bloom when the temperatures rise in spring. Consider combining different types of bulbs to create a captivating and varied floral carpet.

When not to plant?

Although autumn is the ideal planting season for spring bulbs, you can still plant bulbs in the last months of the year. There is one significant rule: if the ground is frozen due to hard frost, it's better to postpone planting. Frozen ground can disrupt the development of bulbs and reduce their growth potential. Wait for days when the ground is still workable but not too wet. A good time to plant is when the soil is still warm from summer but the worst heat is over. If the weather forecast indicates prolonged freezing, you might skip the spring bulb planting and buy forced spring bulbs when spring arrives. Our garden centre offers a wide selection of forced spring bulbs for you!

Voorjaarsbollen op pot - narcissen

Plan for next year

Planning your spring garden starts with creativity and vision. Consider which flower combinations you want to see bloom and which colour schemes best fit your garden's aesthetics. Take notes on plant heights, flowering periods, and colour palettes. Sketch ideas for flower beds and container arrangements. Making plans now ensures you are well-prepared when the planting season arrives. If you plan to hire a landscaper for your garden tasks, it's wise to schedule an appointment in the colder months. In spring, everyone is eager to get back into gardening, and professionals may be busy. No need for a landscaper but want advice? Ask our staff in our garden centre in Reading for guidance.

Buy spring bulbs in Reading

Bring your garden to life with the latest selection of spring bulbs available at our garden centre in Reading. This is the last chance to fill your garden or flower pots with a colourful spring arrangement. Planting spring bulbs is not only an investment in your garden but also in the well-being of spring. Not only will you enjoy the vibrant spring bloom, but bees and butterflies will also revel in the colourful spring flowers. Seize this final opportunity to beautify your outdoor space and treat yourself to the beautiful flowers that will blossom in the coming season. Happy gardening!


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