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Birds & Wildlife Care

Cater for the birds and wildlife that visit your garden

Feed, feeders and wildlife homes.

Our massive selection of wild bird food, feeders, nest boxes, bird tables and other bird care accessories makes it easy for you to attract wild birds into your garden, protect them from predators and keep them fed and watered. We stock the latest range of quality bird seeds, seed mixes and treats from brands such as Gardman and feeders and nest boxes from Westland Peckish and Jacobi Jayne & Company. Be sure to place the feeders in view of a window through which you’ll be able to enjoy the birds’ antics.

But we don’t stop at birds. We stock an extensive range of products which will enable you to attract other wildlife to your garden. We supply food and shelter for most of the smaller animals, including squirrels, hedgehogs and even bug houses. Our Tom Chambers Hedgehog houses are of a unique design and will encourage more of these interesting and endangered animals into your garden. They help control slugs and snails as well as being extremely interesting and entertaining to watch.

Other wildlife such as butterflies and bees are also welcome visitors to the gardener, whether it be for pollinating flowers or just for the beauty as they visit the garden. Aim to introduce plants that are attractive to bees (and other pollinating insects). Talk to one of our knowledgeable team members, who can advise you on which plants attract birds, bees and butterflies.


Bird & wild animal food
Choose from our vast range of food and treats to encourage wild birds and animals into your garden.

Bird Feeders

From birds to hedgehogs, we supply the best in wildlife animal feeders and habitats.

Nest boxes

Nest boxes
We have a great range of nest boxes available to give the birds in your garden a home during nesting season.

Bird table

Bird tables
Add a bird table to your garden. Not only will it look great but will also encourage a whole host of beautiful visitors.

hedgehog house

Hedgehog Houses
Welcome hedgehogs with an attractive hedgehog house.

Bug boxes

Bug Houses
Provide a snug, safe home where bugs can take shelter in your garden.