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Spring lawn care

Published: 19th April, 2017

Lawn careSpring is a very important season when it comes to lawn care. After the cold temperatures and water logging of winter your green space will need careful attention to bring it back to its full summer glory. As the days start to lengthen in April and May the grass starts to grow and it’s the time to start giving it some TLC.

As soon as its dry enough you’ll need to start to mow your lawn again, so clear away any debris and get it ready for its first cut. Make sure that your mower is in good working order and that the blades are sharp and set at a high setting so that you don’t shock the grass. Initially, you should only be taking about a third off the length. As the grass starts to grow faster you can increase the mowing frequency and gradually reduce the height of the blades.

It is essential that you feed your lawn during spring while it is putting such a lot of effort into growing.  It will require the correct nutrients in the correct quantities to grow healthy and strong resulting in a thicker denser and greener cover. Apply a slow release fertilizer with weed and moss killer incorporated which will also help to ensure that your lawn stays lush and green.

If your lawn is home to broad leaved weeds you can treat these using a suitable selective herbicide or you can weed them out by hand using a weed removal tool or a small knife but do make sure that you get as much of the root of the weed out as possible.

Grass growth halts from November through to about March, whilst moss thrives throughout the winter, especially if damp conditions prevail. Moss takes advantage of weaknesses in the lawn and grows aggressively where there are sparse patches or annual weeds. So if you are suffering from moss in your lawn right now, the most effective way to deal with it is to scarify the lawn. Scarification reduces the build-up of dead grass matter and roots and allows the grass plants to grow. Scarification is best done in spring as the lawn will quickly recover from the aggressive treatment. If you’re going to apply a moss killer do this before scarifying. Once the moss turns brown use a lawn rake to vigorously go over the sward. Alternatively, can use a mechanical scarifier.

If patches of your lawn are compacted it will benefit from aeration. This will improve drainage and allow more air into the root system leading to a healthier lawn. It can be hard work, but to do this use a garden fork to spike the lawn 25mm to 50mm apart– or for an easier life you can again use a machine to do this task. An ideal time to aerate would be just before applying a fertiliser or top dressing.

Depending on how well your lawn has weathered the winter you may need to overseed in spring. Brush the seed into the surface of the lawn. The seed will germinate and fill in any sparse and thin patches.

The key to a weed free lawn is an effective lawn maintenance programme. A thick, dense healthy growing lawn will outcompete many of the weeds that try to take root.

Henry Street Garden Centre has all the lawn care products that you could need so enjoy the sunshine and start taking steps to create a lawn that will be your pride and joy. Happy gardening!



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