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How to grow Fuchsias. Visit the Reading & District Fuchsia Show.

Published: 15th July, 2015

How to grow FuchsiaHailing from South America Fuchsias are a great choice of plant for those people who like a touch of the exotic but aren’t necessarily the world’s greatest gardeners! They are exceptionally easy to grow. They come in a wonderful range of striking two-tone colours and will flower virtually all summer long from July to October.

Fuchsias may be deciduous or evergreen depending on their variety and growing conditions. These beautiful flowers are great just about anywhere in your garden but they usually look their best in hanging baskets and tall pots. This is partly down to the fact that much of their beauty is underneath the flower because of their pendant like blooms.

When choosing a Fuchsia select one that is nice and bushy with dark green foliage. Fuchsias are versatile, growing happily in dappled sun or semi shade but they are not major fans of scorching midday sun. The best spot would be one that gets some sun in the morning and in the afternoon but shade through the hottest hours of the day.  They do like moisture so ensure that you use a moisture retaining compost in your pot or planting hole. Covering with a layer of mulch for those in the ground is also a good idea to stop the soil drying out. Water regularly during hotter weather, but do not over-water them or their roots will rot. Make sure the pots they are in provide adequate drainage.

Pinch out the growing tips of each plant while they are still small to promote bushier growth and more flowers. If through the growing season your Fuchsia becomes long and lanky don’t be afraid to cut it back by about a third to encourage bushier growth.

Fuchsias can be susceptible to pests so check their leaves regularly and spray with a pesticide if you find whitefly or other insects taking over.

Fuchsia plants also respond to regular fertilisation – about every two weeks during the growing season.

Plants usually die right back in the winter, but they will make new shoots from below the ground provided they are protected by a layer of soil and mulch. As fuchsias age they tend to get woodier and this gives them extra hardiness but a really severe winter may kill them.

Cuttings taken in late summer will root easily and grow fast, especially if you can put them in a propagator that provides some heat at the base.

For the past fourteen years Henry Street Garden Centre has hosted the Annual Fuchsia Show of the Reading & District Fuchsia Society with a fine display of different cultivars and varieties of Fuchsia being shown. This year the show takes place Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July. The show opens Saturday 1:30pm to 5.30pm, Sunday 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Why not pop by and take a look at the magnificent flowers on display and have any of your questions answered?




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