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Potted houseplants for interior décor and healthy living

Published: 25th January, 2017

Houseplants for decorAdding potted houseplants into your home to liven it up is a trick that’s been used by interior designers for years. They can add wonderful intrigue to a room with their clean and sculptural lines and thankfully they have a much longer lifespan than cut flowers. Indoor plants are currently having a huge resurgence as people look to soften minimal and contemporary spaces and bring nature inside. Where areas are bare a few houseplants will help breathe new life into your living room, bedroom or home office, literally.  Our green friends are also powerful filters that purify the air around us. In fact, several studies, including one by NASA, have been conducted showing that certain plants can rid a room of up to 89 percent of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and xylene.

Where you position houseplants should be dictated primarily by the plant’s light requirements and then by your taste. Try a plant here or there and see what looks good to you, and don’t be afraid to move it around over time. Use contrasting foliage texture for interest.

Here are our top picks for both their good looks and their purifying qualities:


Palms are extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. These hardy houseplants are easy to grow and provide an atmosphere of majestic tropical splendour to bring a bit of sunshine into otherwise drab surroundings. They are also known to be natural air purifiers.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plants or Ficus Elastica are popular houseplants and also one of the best office plants because they are so striking and effective at purifying indoor air.

Red edged Dracaena

The purple-red edges of this easy dracaena bring a pop of colour to your room. This plant is best for removing xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, which can be introduced to indoor air through lacquers & varnishes.


Ferns were highly popular in Victorian times and again in the 1970s. They are now coming back into favour for their soft, feathery leaves which add texture and life to almost any part of the home.  And it’s those same large fronds that help rid the air of pollutants.

Chinese Evergreen

Also known as the Aglaonema, the Chinese Evergreen has large, spear-shaped leaves marked in green, grey, white or red. They thrive in poor light and are therefore the perfect choice for dark corners in your home. However, the varieties with variegated foliage need bright conditions to encourage good leaf markings. They can filter out a variety of air pollutants.


This good-looking shrubby houseplant is virtually indestructible. Their unique colouring makes them an attractive addition to your home and they’re known to rid the air of xylene, a toxin that’s found in many glues and leathers

Golden Pothos

Recognisable by its golden heart-shaped leaves, Golden Pothos is a hardy plant that can survive in lower light and colder temperatures. It will add a little bit of jungle to your home!  It’s great for ridding the air of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Add a touch of nature to your home with a range of delightful indoor plants. Henry Street has a great selection in store and our experienced staff will help you choose the best plants for you. To ensure you keep your plants lush and healthy read our guide to caring for houseplants.

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