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Grow Stunning Roses

Published: 20th June, 2018

growing rosesRoses are always a beautiful addition to any garden and with their classic, exquisite blooms and knock-out fragrance they can rightfully claim their position as Britain’s favourite flower. Yet many gardeners are intimidated of roses, believing they require specialist knowledge. They do need a little bit of care to grow successfully, but just a few easy tips on basic principles of rose growing can get even the most novice of gardeners off to a good start.

Begin by purchasing rose varieties that are hardy and choose cultivars that are noted for their disease and pest resistance. Ensure that you buy healthy stock from reliable suppliers.

The best time to plant bare-root roses is from October to March, providing the soil is workable and free from frost. Container roses can be planted all year round.

When planting be sure to add plenty of aged manure and bone meal or a good slow-release fertiliser. Plant roses in a sunny position where they will not be in competition with tree roots. Roses LOVE water so, water them well on a regular basis during dry spells. If they are allowed to dry out it renders them far more susceptible to pests and diseases. When watering, try to keep the water off the leaves, especially on hot sunny days. If possible, water from the base of the plants.

If growing climbing roses give them a sturdy support such as an arbour, trellis, fence or wall to grow up. When in full bloom roses can become very heavy and will pull down a weak trellis and become damaged in the process.

Do your homework and learn the basics of pruning roses. Pruning is essential for climbing roses and specimen shrubs. They will require pruning every year in late autumn or in winter after the flowers have faded. We hold garden pruning and care advice days at out garden centre every year so keep a look out for the dates.

Roses are heavy feeders therefore feed your roses throughout the growing season, preferably with an organic fertiliser.

If you do lose a rose and plan to replace it, do not position it in exactly the same spot as this can cause ‘Rose Sickness’. If you don’t really have options, then make sure that you remove most of the soil from the vacated hole and exchange it with soil from elsewhere in the garden.

With just a little know-how, everyone can grow and enjoy roses. Here at Henry Street our experts are happy to pass on their knowledge. Roses are our specialist subject, and people come to us from all over southern England and beyond. We’ve been growing roses for nearly 100 years. On our 40-acre site we have an extraordinary selection of roses of every kind and colour, over 350 varieties in fact, all at value-for-money prices.

Our century of rose-growing experience and five Hampton Court Flower Show gold medals means that quality is assured, so you can choose with confidence from our bushes, climbers, ramblers and shrub roses. We are also massive fans and suppliers of David Austin rose varieties, which combine the charm of traditional roses with the vigour and health of modern hybrids – for that classic English rose effect without all the hard work!

We specialise in mail order deliveries of Roses. Deliveries of Container Roses are made throughout the year while Bare Root rose plants are delivered from November through to March, although they can be ordered at any time. Visit our store today.

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