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Detoxify your home with Houseplants

Published: 20th January, 2016

Many of us are concerned about the quality of air in our homes and the threat it may have to our health. Every day household items can emit toxins that are unhealthy to breathe and can lead to allergies, headaches, sickness and fatigue. Many products contain limonene, which in itself is harmless but when it gets into the atmosphere it reacts to form formaldehyde which is toxic. Other common toxins found in the home are Volatile Organic Compounds (benzene and trichloroethylene or TCE), airborne biological pollutants, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, pesticides and disinfectants (phenols), and radon.

NASA scientists actually carried out research for space stations to find out which plants can absorb these chemicals and toxins from our indoor air. They identified a number of houseplants that remove the pollutants and consequently used houseplants to keep the space station healthy.

Plants cycle the air by taking in carbon dioxide through their leaves and releasing oxygen,  and as they do this pores in the leaves filter out the harmful chemical compounds.

So follow NASA and improve your air quality and naturally remove toxins by decorating your home with a variety of houseplants. As well as in the home, pop one on your desktop in the office to ensure you’re breathing cleaner, purer air!

Some of the best natural air filters are:

Detoxify your air with houseplantsSpider Plants –  the champion of the NASA research, removing 95 percent of the toxic substance from a sealed Plexiglas chamber in 24 hours.

Peace Lilies – removes acetone which is commonly used to make plastic and fibres. Acetone is also commonly found in tobacco smoke and exhaust fumes which could be present in your home environment.

 Bamboo palms – very efficient at removing Benzine. They are very popular in the home as they are tall and narrow and thrive in an indoor climate.

 Anthurium or Flamingo flower – great air filters and beautiful additions to your home with their year round exotic flowers.

 Mother In Laws Tongue – will absorb air-born toxins and act as a natural humidifier.

 Chrysanthemums – grow potted Chrysanthemums to absorb toxins such as formaldehyde.

 Breathe easy knowing that you are protecting your family while livening up your interior living spaces with beautiful, naturally detoxifying, plants and flowers. We have a fantastic range of houseplants at Henry Street Garden Centre,

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