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Choosing the perfect Christmas tree

Published: 2nd December, 2015

It’s that special time of year again when millions of us will head out to purchase a Christmas Tree. Everybody has a different idea in their head as to what the perfect Christmas tree looks like. Here in the UK we buy over 8 million of them every year and there are three main varieties which are most popular. We’re hopefully going to help you choose which one is best for YOU…

Norway Spruce

norwayIntroduced into Great Britain by Prince Albert in the 1840s when he bought one back to Windsor Castle from Germany, the Norwegian Spruce is the most traditional of our trees. It grows a little bit quicker than other varieties of tree and is therefore generally a little bit cheaper to buy.  A dark green with fine needles and a robust bushy texture, it is beautifully scented – a smell of pine that really is ‘Christmas’. It does lose some of its needles over the Christmas period but this can be kept under control with the right care and attention –  place in a stand with regular watering, away from radiators and heating sources. It’s Ideal for cold rooms & porches or outside displays.

Nordman Fir

Nordman FirsThe Nordman Fir is a slightly slower growing tree and is therefore a little more expensive. The main advantage is, with its far thicker needles they do hold onto the stem a lot better so there is very little needle drop at all. It boasts dark green glossy needles on top with a silverish colour underneath. It is a very full and bushy tree, especially at the bottom and is very sturdy. Of the trees we are looking at today the Nordman holds onto its needles the best.

Fraser Fir

Fraser FirOur last tree we are looking at today is the Fraser Fir. Fraser Fir is native to North America. It should be a nice dark green with a bluish underside. When taken indoors it will fill your room with a very fragrant, almost spicy aroma. It’s a fragrance that is second to none amongst conifers. When grown properly it’s a very ‘neat’ tree and should be relatively narrow at the base, ideal for those smaller rooms, conservatories, hallways and corridors where space is limited.

Top Tips for Christmas tree selection

Once you have decided which is the best variety for your home here are our top four tips for choosing the perfect tree:

  1. Make sure it’s as fresh as possible. Run your fingers along the branches and ensure the needles bounce back.  Lift the tree and feel the weight. The heavier it is, the more water it still contains and the fresher it will be.
  2. Make sure it’s full from top to bottom. Don’t buy when already netted – cut it open, shake it out and make sure that it’s foliage is full and branches are nicely balanced.
  3. Make sure the branches don’t go all the way to the foot of the tree. If they do, you will end up having to cut off some of the branches to fit it into the stand and it will change the whole look of the tree that you have so carefully selected.
  4. Get the right fit for your space. Remember when looking at trees in an outdoor space you may lose perception of size so ensure you have a good idea in your mind of the dimensions of the space it’s to fit into. Again, don’t buy it already netted as the girth of trees can differ enormously and you can’t judge this if it’s all bunched up.

Here at Henry Street we have a huge selection of Christmas trees for you to choose from. You can browse whatever the weather as they are all displayed for you to view under cover – so no getting your car wet from a soaked tree.

Free netting service and FREE local delivery is also available!

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