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Gardening tips

Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Published: 5th April, 2017
Rhodedendron - Azalea

One of the most beautiful spring flowers as a shrub is the Rhododendron. They make great visual impact with their spectacular clusters of showy blooms and large green leaves that often stay green throughout the winter. Azaleas belong to the same Rhododendron family. There are more than 1000 species which are native to Europe, North America and Asia.…

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Spring has sprung with perfect Primulas

Published: 8th March, 2017

If you visit your local garden centre now you’ll most likely be greeted with banks of wonderful Primulas. Primula is Latin, and refers to the fact that they are among the first flowers to bloom in spring. Also known as polyanthus, these cheerful bedding plants are the perfect way to add a splash of March…

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Pruning fruit trees and raspberry bushes ready for the growing season

Published: 22nd February, 2017
Pruning fruit trees

February is nearly over and the days are getting longer. Spring will soon be with us. One of the jobs that needs to be done before leaves begin to appear and the sap starts running is the pruning of fruit trees. Pruning fruit trees will help in many ways. It will help with fruit yields,…

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Growing plants from seeds and choosing the right propagator

Published: 8th February, 2017
Growing seeds in a propagator

As we push into February many gardeners are thinking about getting things sprouted so they are ready for planting in the garden with a really good root mass and a head start in a couple of months when the warmer weather returns. Some plant varieties need a long growing season to bulk up, so early…

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Mahonia & other plants for interest in winter gardens

Published: 11th January, 2017

There is something extra special about shrubs that flower in winter helping to brighten up what could be a dull time of the year in the garden. Interest in the winter may also come from berries, coloured stems, dramatic evergreen foliage or scent – many winter-flowerers are highly fragrant. Our chosen plant of the month is…

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Plant of the month – Sarcacocca

Published: 16th November, 2016

Sarcacoccas, also known as Christmas Box or Sweet Box, are wonderful plants cultivated for their year-round dependability. You can count on them to be a reliable, glossy evergreen shrub which will thrive in shade while providing you with abundant winter flowers that smell fantastic. A small to medium sized plant, it’s a real workhorse which…

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Add winter colour to your garden with Cornus

Published: 2nd November, 2016
Cornus or dogwood shrubs

The lazy, hazy days of summer may be over – but that does not mean that colour and interest in your garden has to come to an end until next spring. With careful planning, borders can still add a riot of colour to your outdoor space throughout the winter months. There is a wide range…

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What to be planting and sowing and the jobs to be doing in the garden this October.

Published: 19th October, 2016
Autumn gardening

You would think it wasn’t a very good time for gardening. The days are getting darker and colder but October is not a time to slow down and do nothing. In fact, with the days getting shorter it can be quite a busy time in the garden. There are still plenty of things that you…

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In Search of ‘Berried’ Treasure.

Published: 5th October, 2016

As we move into autumn, many trees and shrubs in our gardens undergo a marvellous transformation with berries appearing in intense shades of purple and ruby red, white, orange and gold. These exceptional ornamental plants create a real autumn showcase for us gardeners as well as providing a wonderful feast for birds. Our favourite berry…

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Planting Spring bulbs

Published: 21st September, 2016
spring bulbs

Daffodils, tulips, Iris and other bulbs are beautiful additions to any garden and are the closest thing you can get to guaranteed colour. They’re easy to maintain and easy to plant. Plant them, water them and then in a few months’ time they’ll explode into life. Here we tell you how. The most popular spring…

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