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Gardening tips

Handling the Heatwave – Garden Watering

Published: 18th July, 2018
automatic watering system

Cor what a scorcher of a summer! And the current heatwave seems to be showing no signs of abating. Though many of us here in the UK are loving the unusual weather, our garden plants are not so keen. The challenge for us gardeners is to keep plants alive and healthy as the temperatures continue to soar…

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Amazing Alstroemeria

Published: 9th May, 2018

Alstroemeria, more commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, is a beautiful plant originating from South America and is particularly successful in the Andes and other mountainous areas. They come in a huge array of eye-catching colours of purple, red, orange, yellow and white on long elegant stems, some as long as 70cm, and are beautiful…

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Feeding your garden for Spring

Published: 28th March, 2018
spring feeding in the garden

Although most plants make their own food via their leaves, they also need healthy soil with the correct balance of nutrients to thrive and perform their best.  Unfortunately, many of us have garden soil that has been stripped of these nutrients by years of plant growth and decades of rain. This food source needs to…

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A guide to pruning roses

Published: 14th March, 2018
Geoff_Hamilton roses

Roses bear their flowers on shoots of the current season and these grow out from older stems. Pruning reduces the amount of old wood and therefore the number of new stems and young flowering shoots, BUT the flowers on a pruned bush will be larger, healthier and more of a beautiful attraction in your garden.…

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Propagate Your Favourite Plants By Taking Cuttings

Published: 27th September, 2017
taking cuttings to propagate plants

September/October is the ideal time to take cuttings from your favourite strains of tender perennials to increase your stock for next spring or to make sure they live on if the parent plants do not survive the winter. There are a large number of plants that can be propagated from cuttings; Examples include Pelargoniums, Fuschias,…

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Spring starts here! Spring flowering bulbs

Published: 13th September, 2017
Spring flowering bulbs

It’s difficult to think about winter being just around the corner, but the summer IS coming to an end and it’s time to start thinking Spring. Spring bulbs are now flooding into the stores and online outlets with hundreds of varieties to choose from and should be planted over the next two months for dazzling…

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How to deadhead plants

Published: 9th August, 2017
Deadheading plants to encourage growth

Keep borders, flower beds, hanging baskets and pots in your garden looking fuller for longer with just a little deadheading care. Deadheading is the removal of any spent blossoms and seed pods from your perennials and annuals and it’s carried out for a couple of reasons. First of all, once the flower is spent it…

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Feeding your plants with liquid fertilisers

Published: 12th July, 2017
liquid feed or liquid fertiliser

Water alone is not enough to make plants strong, healthy and happy. Like all living creatures they breathe, they get thirsty and they are always hungry and need important nutrients to thrive.  But keeping plants fed needn’t be complicated or hard work. Liquid fertilisers, usually applied every one to two weeks during the growing season,…

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How to plant perfect hanging baskets

Published: 17th May, 2017
A beautiful hanging basket

Hanging baskets provide vibrant colour at eye level to brighten up a doorway, wall or patio. When planted to form perfect domes, they can often look like the planting is complex and that they should be left to the hands of professional gardeners. Here we’ll tell you how you can quickly and easily establish beautiful…

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Spring lawn care

Published: 19th April, 2017
Grass seed and lawn care

Spring is a very important season when it comes to lawn care. After the cold temperatures and water logging of winter your green space will need careful attention to bring it back to its full summer glory. As the days start to lengthen in April and May the grass starts to grow and it’s the…

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