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Lawn Care and Repair – a Guide

Published: 8th April, 2014
lawn repair and care

We all want that healthy green lawn – the perfect place for us to relax, for the kids to play games and to host the family BBQs. We see lawns as real assets to our homes, the main pride and joy when it comes to our gardens. Spring is the best time to spend a…

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Mother’s Day at Henry Street Garden Centre

Published: 25th March, 2014
Mothers Day

Amazing, lovely, intelligent and happy are just some of the words that we use to describe our Mums. This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s the perfect time for us to celebrate, express our love, admiration and give thanks to our beautiful mums. History tells us that Mothering Sunday originates as far back as…

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Dealing with waterlogged gardens.

Published: 10th March, 2014
waterlogged gardens

We have just experienced one of the wettest winters on record and this may well have caused havoc in the garden. Waterlogged soil means that no air spaces remain in the saturated soil, oxygen is prevented from reaching the roots and plants literally drown. Many of the symptoms in plants are similar to those displayed from…

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How to prune roses and rose care

Published: 3rd March, 2014
Rose pruning

Pruning is an essential part of rose care, for without correct pruning, the plant’s flowering ability will diminish over time. Most rose pruning is done in the spring, late February/early March, when the leaf buds begin to swell on your rose plants, meaning the bumps on the canes get larger and reddish in colour. Many…

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Free demonstration on how to sow seeds and propagation

Published: 19th February, 2014
How to sow seeds

Although many of us are still suffering from floods and water logging, keen gardeners know that now is the time to sow seed and begin propagation. Here at Henry Street Garden Centre we will be hosting demonstrations of seed sowing and propagation ‘know-How’ over the weekend, 22nd – 23rd February. Attendance for the informative demonstrations…

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Topical Issues: How to recognise and control Sooty Mould

Published: 13th February, 2014
Sooty Mould

If you’ve noticed a black, powdery coating on the leaves of evergreens and ornamental plants such as azaleas, bay trees, camellias and laurels then the chances are they are suffering from Sooty Mould. Though this plant disease looks like a fungal disease it is in fact caused by sap-sucking insects. As they are feeding these pests excrete a honeydew…

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Six ways to deal with slugs and snails

Published: 10th September, 2012
Dealing with slugs and snails

Blimey they’re slimy! Slugs and snails are every gardener’s sworn enemies, but they’re not easy to exterminate – in fact all you can really hope to do is keep them under control. And numbers are always up in wet years, so you may be experiencing even greater problems from them this year than normal. Ignoring…

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How to re-pot your plants with ease!

Published: 11th July, 2012
re-pot with ease

Re-potting your plants doesn’t have to be a nightmare! In fact it is pretty easy once you get the basics right. Below is our quick guide to re-potting plants with ease: Step One A day before re-potting your desired plant, give it a good watering. This makes the re-potting process easier when the soil /…

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Hose pipe ban in Berkshire

Published: 27th April, 2012
Hosepipe ban

Although the current weather may make you think otherwise, there is still a hosepipe in affect for the Berkshire area. Spring is an important time of year where you need to stay on top of your garden to get the most out of it later in the year. So not being able to water your…

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David Austin award winning roses

Published: 19th March, 2012
David Austen roses

David Austin roses is the home for more than nine hundred different varieties of roses including award winning varieties. You may be thinking of a specific landscape design and you can certainly find much inspiration. A shrub rose may be a good choice for you since it can be trained to become the beautiful English climbing…

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