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Plant Crocosmia for a burst of sunset colour

Published: 4th July, 2018

Crocosmia is a clump forming perennial with very attractive, limey green, sword-like leaves with lengthwise ribs or pleats and flowers the colour of sunsets from the palest of yellows, through all shades of orange and apricot to the deepest of tomato reds. Flower shapes also vary from long arching stems of small tubular flowers to…

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Grow Stunning Roses

Published: 20th June, 2018
growing roses

Roses are always a beautiful addition to any garden and with their classic, exquisite blooms and knock-out fragrance they can rightfully claim their position as Britain’s favourite flower. Yet many gardeners are intimidated of roses, believing they require specialist knowledge. They do need a little bit of care to grow successfully, but just a few easy…

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Growing Glamorous Agapanthus

Published: 6th June, 2018

Agapanthus, or African Lilies, are beautiful flowering perennials of South African origin. If you’ve ever been to the Mediterranean you’ll probably have noticed them growing prolifically in the wild in ditches, in rocky crevices, at the side of houses – wherever they can get a footing. Agapanthus have become very popular in recent years and…

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Planting summer baskets

Published: 23rd May, 2018
Hanging baskets - Henry Street

The addition of magical hanging baskets can add drama and impact to your garden, patio or front door, brighten up a sunny wall, or with the right choice of plants, even add colour to tricky shady areas. And it’s so easy … hanging baskets can be created in under an hour, if you put a little…

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Amazing Alstroemeria

Published: 9th May, 2018

Alstroemeria, more commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, is a beautiful plant originating from South America and is particularly successful in the Andes and other mountainous areas. They come in a huge array of eye-catching colours of purple, red, orange, yellow and white on long elegant stems, some as long as 70cm, and are beautiful…

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Spring Protection – dealing with late spring frosts

Published: 25th April, 2018
Frost protection - growhouses

Although we have just experienced one of the warmest April weeks that many of us can remember, it’s still not too late for gardeners to be caught out with a surprise spell of late spring frosts. This could spell disaster for all those summertime plants that you may have already put outside. A late frost…

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Digitalis – the beautiful Foxglove. A British classic.

Published: 11th April, 2018
Digitalis - foxgloves

Digitalis is the scientific name for one of Britain’s best known flowering plants – the group of perennials, shrubs, and biennials commonly called foxgloves. Typically found in English country cottage style gardens, they also grow quite extensively in the wild and can frequently be found throughout open glades in UK woodlands. Digitalis make a real statement in the garden and…

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Feeding your garden for Spring

Published: 28th March, 2018
spring feeding in the garden

Although most plants make their own food via their leaves, they also need healthy soil with the correct balance of nutrients to thrive and perform their best.  Unfortunately, many of us have garden soil that has been stripped of these nutrients by years of plant growth and decades of rain. This food source needs to…

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A guide to pruning roses

Published: 14th March, 2018
Geoff_Hamilton roses

Roses bear their flowers on shoots of the current season and these grow out from older stems. Pruning reduces the amount of old wood and therefore the number of new stems and young flowering shoots, BUT the flowers on a pruned bush will be larger, healthier and more of a beautiful attraction in your garden.…

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Bringing the outdoors indoors. Transform your conservatory.

Published: 24th January, 2018
Bring the outdoors indoors

As the winter winds, rain and cold batter away outside, many of us are now craving for Spring so we can get back into our gardens. Ideally, when it comes to relaxing I would be in the garden 24/7, but here in the UK that just isn’t possible!  However, a garden room or conservatory is…

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